The Hedgepig Ensemble

Ensemble members are the heart of Hedgepig, and we take building our ensemble of warm, motivated individuals very seriously - we are creating an artistic home. We are currently seeking union and non-union men and women (18 years and up) to join our growing company. We enthusiastically encourage actors of color to apply as well as actors over 40 years old.

If you are interested in joining the ensemble, please carefully review our mission and the ensemble values below. If you feel that you would be a good fit, please complete the short application below. 

Auditions are held 2-3 times throughout the year. To be considered, please submit a thoughtful application below. All actors will be asked to perform a short Shakespearean monologue (in verse) which showcases skill with text, not to exceed two minutes.

Questions? Feel free to email


Hedgepig is an ensemble-based theatre company in Brooklyn working at the intersection of sweat, scholarship, and soul. We value a uniquely rigorous, physical, and collaborative approach to classically inspired texts. Through management and artistic opportunities, Hedgepig seeks to nurture and amplify the voice of women in theatre. By bringing audience and artists together in a communal experience, we inspire journeys toward empathy, equality and a holistic human experience.

Ensemble Values

Hedgepig Ensemble members:

  1. Hold each other to the highest standards with kindness and support

  2. Find joy in the process and each other

  3. Value hard work

  4. Are open and receptive to trying new things and methods of working/creating

  5. Are artists as well as performers

  6. Value the intellectual and physical aspects of storytelling

  7. Value an equal playing field for women and men

  8. Are willing to commit themselves to the betterment and growth of the company, including, but not limited to fundraising, audience growth and retention, season and project development

Ensemble Benefits

  • Artistic Home to safely explore, grow and play

  • First casting consideration for performance opportunities throughout the year, which may include Mainstage Productions, Development Series, Readings, and Short Shakespeare

  • Access to ongoing training led by both ensemble members and  industry professionals

  • Opportunities for hands-on experience running a growing theatre company

  • Opportunities to spearhead projects of interest

  • Support, friendship, and community

Ensemble Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly trainings with an open and curious mindset (second Monday night of each month)

  • Make best effort to be available for performance opportunities

  • Take ownership of at least one support task in Marketing, Fundraising, or Community Building

  • Respond to emails in a timely manner (within 48 hours)

  • Attend events (trivia nights, shows, workshops, fundraisers)

  • Attend bi-annual company meeting


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