June 26-30

Fantastic Beasts & Legends!

9 AM - 4 PM; $325
Ages: 6-8
138 South Oxford Street in Fort Greene / Boerum Hill

Based on popular myths, legends, and stories, students will discover their own magical powers through theatre games, creative play, and improvisation. Students will collaborate to create a fantastic legend that will be shared with family and friends at the end of the week.

This is a FUN way to help your child learn to work collaboratively, improve his or her literacy and public speaking skills, and develop confidence! 

Late Pickup (by 5 PM) is available for $25 (one child) or $40 (two children).


Click here for medical release form (required) or to pay by check through the mail.

Questions? Call Gwendolyn Kelso at (347) 349-1866

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